viewprofile{phone rings}


“Hi Marc,” she started (amazing-a real human on the phone!), “my name is  { } from ( ) and I would like to speak to you about [ ].”

Simultaneous to the introductory pleasantries, I search for the caller’s LinkedIn profile online while I am beginning to speak to her.

That’s most efficient and makes a start at a 2-way conversation, assuming I am interested in the topic or the person.

And from my friend who just landed a new job, he found it highly effective to have the phone interviewer’s profile open when they spoke during the job search dance.

When I see a photo, and additionally get a good overview of the experience and credentials, thus I get a feel for the other person as he/she presents herself on LinkedIn, as a guide to having a more rewarding and productive phone conversation.

Oooh-we know 3 people in common; I wonder how. Opening doors and opportunities…10 points for Gryffindor.

What if I open a poor profile? Ho hum, missed opportunity and probably another wasted phone call. Take away the points.

And…once in a while I can tell the caller has pre-screened my LinkedIn profile before the call, based on more in-depth, customized Q&A.

50 points for Gryffindor.