racecarI just got back to my office, 10 minutes late, after following a low-slung muscle car “cruising” at a smoking 25 in a 45 MPH zone.

You know how infuriating that is.

The car is designed to idle at 25MPH; c’mon, use it for its purpose.


No police speed monitoring that I saw.

A long line of traffic behind me.

Just an conspicuously expensive, great looking car, driven in slo-mo, without concern for how this image was jumbled.

Ah, but this LinkedIn parable has a moral:

You think of yourself as a hot rod in your field. You want to look amazingly attractive to colleagues so they are comfortable to refer you, or to be found in a LinkedIn search and approached.

You think your profile is great, not only in your own eyes but in the eyes of the reader, but you are not getting inquiries or traction on LinkedIn.

So answer this honestly:

  • are you purring on LinkedIn with a well-constructed personal profile story, telling why you do what you do and how you do it, or
  • do you come across like a ’73 Olds, puttering along to the public at 25 MPH, well stodgier than the competition?

At this rate, you will leave you in the dust.

Not a typo.