intellectualpropertyAs mentioned here before, you probably already produce slides and decks for presentations, and you can share this material with the LinkedIn community via SlideShare.

Today LinkedIn SlideShare (its new name; owned by and integrated into LinkedIn) announced a new enhancement: you can select “Clippings” from others’ SlideShare entries and add to a Clipboard.

As they say, “With Clipping, research is made easier, and Clipboards are a handy way to keep everything organized by topic. You can also share an individual slide or an entire Clipboard with your networks.”

In some ways this is great news and will expand the reach of your brand, provided:

  1. You use SlideShare (and very few of my connections and colleagues do) and
  2. You properly protect yourself with a copyright indicating this as your intellectual property. I do this at the bottom of EVERY slide I produce, such as this title slide from a session I held last month for Gotham City Networking’s Bandit group:copyrightonslideshare



Use it wisely and with copyright protection to mark it as yours, despite how easily it can be spread using SlideShare.

There is no worse experience than seeing your original material used by someone else out of context or without permission.

Believe me.