I am so pleased a colleague and friend has firmly become a thought leader in her field. She remarked the other day to me that she lands new exciting writing spots on well-known blogs from her social media activity. People find her, they offer her opportunities.

The same can happen to you too.

But you have to contribute. Regularly. With high quality.

You have a few ways to demonstrate your thought leadership on LinkedIn:

  • by telling why and how you do what you do in your personal profile and company profile, if applicable; (BTW, the link above is really good!)
  • by answering questions and raising open-ended questions in LinkedIn groups
  • by sharing great materials you read online so you can be a relied-upon source of quality material others can share to their connections; share with individual(s), specific LinkedIn groups, or all your connections on LinkedIn
  • by authoring fresh new material that is top-of-mind to you (LinkedIn Posts), and sending it to LinkedIn, so others can opine and benefit from your thoughts

The topics, the commentary, the situations, the hunger for the benefit of your opinion and experience is boundless on LinkedIn.

Taking the time to pitch a news and ideas, a concept, an observation or “what I learned from…” enriches us all and adds to the mix of business professionalism, the global venue that LinkedIn provides you access.

Don’t feel you are a thought leader?

You won’t know if you are (or if you are not) unless you throw something worthy out there.

Do it. Regularly. With high quality.

Note: starting today I am experimenting with embedding audio files of my reading you the blog post…multitask away! Please let me know if you find this is of any value.