Enjoy a few minutes watching this clip https://youtu.be/YWyCCJ6B2WE

I see it. You see it. But should we pay attention to LinkedIn Lookup?

LinkedIn Lookup is a new iPhone app (no Android yet) that allows you to see the keyword details within your coworkers’ LinkedIn profiles.

Do we need this? Is it any different from using the search function properly?

Oh it just came to me: since the search function on the smartphone version of LinkedIn is so wonky, this gets you around the problem of performing an effective search on your handheld device.

C’mon LinkedIn, I would have preferred you fixed the smartphone apps on iPhone and Android and the rest and made then work EXACTLY like the LinkedIn desktop version. That would be a better use of time and skills.

And make us want to use LinkedIn more when we are out and about.

This Lookup seems like a band-aid.

Ho hum.