cooperate1Competition with another LinkedIn coach + Cooperation between us = Coop-etition that is a win-win for both of us.

Yes, there’s a story here.

4 years ago, the head of LinkedIn for Nonprofits introduced me to Colleen McKenna, another LinkedIn coach in the DC-Baltimore area. We hit it off really well,  and after a few more interactions, we decided to co-write a serialized article on LinkedIn for nonprofits (now antiquated after just reviewing it again–that’s how fast LinkedIn changes!) and that cemented a nice relationship.

We contact each other with questions and check the pulse every so often as we engage in the same medium if not with exactly the same clientele. No puffery, just honest conversation between peers. We congratulate each other on successes and “like” and/or share each other’s material to our respective connection entourage. Like professionals should do…

So yesterday when she referred me to a large nonprofit e-magazine to advise on a sponsored webinar, it was another coop-etition moment.

She knew she could not fully provide the expertise in successful LinkedIn usage among small- to medium-sized nonprofits that was needed for the webinar topic so she passed some kind words about the work I do to the webinar organizers and voila, after a phone call today, I was able to add value to the webinar by referring my client to be featured as a success story..

Colleen looks smart as she was honest enough to admit that this was not her exact expertise and was able to nominate another trusted colleague.

I come pre-recommended to the organizers of the webinar and during the phone call I was able to explore other ways I can contribute. And after reviewing the LinkedIn profile of the organizers before the phone call, I was able to see we all share some very trusted connections in common. Ah, LinkedIn!

And let’s add another party to this: ultimately the webinar attendees will be enriched by my client and the success they demonstrate.

Win-win-win. Thanks, Colleen!