We all read a lot. We all like to share good material we come across.

But just copy-pasting to share an update to your connections doesn’t necessarily make the article interesting on its own.

Don’t rely on the author’s title and a small thumbnail picture to make your connections want to read it.

If you shared it, you thought something in the article was worthy of doing so:

  • What stimulated you to share it?
  • Why is this timely?
  • Did you agree (or disagree) with one point the author made?

Summarize with your opinion and entice the reader to read the article. It takes a few seconds. Here’s a recent example.

opinion_LIshareupdateThen you are not merely repeating the link.

You stand out. You contribute with a small comment to help others.

Then you become a thought leader.

Others might thank you for sharing.

Do something to be influential. Tell us what you think professionally.