onboardOn-boarding is important to welcome new clients, employees, etc. and make them feel comfortable in the early days of a relationship.

When adding a new LinkedIn connection, I know this is something I don’t do enough.

But it’s worth considering, especially of you never did this yet; in fact, IMHO it’s just good manners. Make it all about them, not you:

  • Welcome a new connection by thanking him/her for connecting to you and offer insight into how you use LinkedIn, increasing your ways to stay in touch.
  • Consider the applicability of an article you come across and relay it to a new connection.
  • You can go further and openly offer introductions to those who are already in your entourage that may help your new connection.
  • Suggest they join a LinkedIn group you like and tell them why.
  • Add the new connection to one of your tagged groups to keep the conversation going among these like-minded folks.

I know I am forgetting one or two–what do you do?