The one thing you can count on with LinkedIn is change, quietly and dramatically. Sometimes they giveth and sometimes they taketh away.

The ability to download your connections’ email addresses to a CSV file was recently taken away and subbed with a request to the Help Desk to supply that to you, by request and they forwarded it to you within 72 hours. I am not sure why, but they did.

demonstrationI have never heard such an electronic scream to “give it back” but LinkedIn apparently reversed itself and you can now fully control the timing of the download of connection data: immediate and on demand, no request for fulfillment.

Yes, they listen. Sometimes.

So here’s how you do it: Connections > Keep in Touch > click on the Settings gear icon > Export LinkedIn connections > choose the type of CSV or VCF file you want; you likely will want to select a Microsoft outlook (CSV) file.

Ok, LinkedIn, while you seem to be in the mood, I would like you to restore the group statistics function you recently eliminated. I liked that and found it highly useful to evaluate a group before I joined it. The level of detail was quite revealing.

Bring it back, please.