News outlets over-analyze every bit of data behind air catastrophes, political rhetoric, infamous murder trials, and then there’s The Donald.

Ugh. Too much to read, overloaded with noise.

We turn it off. We ignore what overwhelms us and this becomes a habit.

So don’t bore your LinkedIn connections with just giving an article when you share good material.

magiccarpetWrite an introduction to the article with your unique commentary so they will want to read it: tell them WHY this is important, tell them where you agree or disagree.

Give a bit more than dropping it at their electronic doorstep. Soar.

If they value your opinion, they will read it. If not, you are adding to the noise.

If they do read it because you suggested it, you have added value to their day.

Who knows? They may refer it (and you) along to their entourage. Magic ensues.

That’s what you strive for.