Yes, I have to admit it, the first in my entire lifetime. Well, not really…

I reworked a slide presentation to update it with a screen print of the very latest iteration of LinkedIn and accidentally left a comment on the slide from a previous version.

So what does that tell me (other than I goofed and it’s already fixed)? That someone was paying attention in the session and asked me what I meant.

stainsAn expert should be superhuman: perfect in clarity and conveying original thought.

Remember that TV ad for a laundry detergent a while ago? The stain was screaming “look at me!”

That’s all they look at if you give them a chance to focus on the error.

It’s all about quality.

So it goes with your LinkedIn profile: a grammar error or typo or something unclear can make the attention-deprived reader want to move on to another profile.

You get as short as a nanosecond to make an impression, positively or negatively.

Mea culpa.

PS that’s not me in the photo.