Yesterday I had the occasion to attend a wine-and-cheese at my local SCORE chapter (Service Corps of Retired Executives).

I met a few new mentors and reacquainted with a few I have worked with over the years.

One individual I met struck me with a new term. I asked him what he did before he retired and joined SCORE. His reply, “Oh, it’s not that I retired. I redirected myself.”

How perfect.

The Baby Boomers who are retiring today have ridden economic cycles and corporate restructurings all their careers. They possess a wealth of experience and knowledge that is just a shame to ignore. SCORE and so many other worthy organizations give them an opportunity to redirect that know-how to younger people who are starting new businesses or entering encore careers. Noble accomplishments.

I urge my fellow boomers all the time to try to collapse all that great stuff between their ears into their LinkedIn profiles.

No longer a backward-looking resume, the LinkedIn personal profile for redirected boomers (and others!) should be a roadmap that shows where they came from, what they are doing today (and many are really actively changing themselves) and their course for the future.

Does your LinkedIn personal profile show your past, present, and future?