I am an active observer of, and rah-rah for, my colleagues. But sometimes they slip backward on my radar and I am always pleased to rewarm an old friendship:

  • a congrats for move from one job to another,
  • an “attaboy” for a work anniversary,
  • and the best, adding my comments on a shared update or an original Post,

any of which put me back in touch with a colleague I let contact lapse for a while.

LI-soupI suggest you try to use every opportunity to “ping” on the mental radar screen of those you are connected with.

Sometimes it’s where you are located or the industry you are in that makes a colleague recall you.

Other times it’s what you have said in the electronic media that resonates with someone.

But use the opportunity to be memorable or lose it.

Publish or perish.

Speak up in a professional way or get out-of-the-way, only to be left behind.

We are moving too fast to just simmer.

Life is at a fast boil even in the middle of the summer.