I helped a colleague’s son get a summer internship via a shared LinkedIn update. No “thank you” from either the parent or the teen.

It’s convenient (the only reason!) for me to purchase items from a big box store. It never fails to amaze me: it’s as if the clerks are trained to end the cash sale with “Have a good one.” That’s it. Not a thank you. Not isolated; it’s over and over again.

thankyouWhat’s the issue with emailing in the first case, or mumbling a simple “thank you” in the latter?

Yes we are busy. Yes we can forget some things in our haste. But recurring lack of gratitude seems to have become acceptable.

I guess I aged into my new status.

No, I will not be an Andy-Rooney-curmudgeon-observer forever because I marvel in appreciation of the amazing feats of humans, large and small:

  • the Pluto mission that will crescendo a week for today
  • the sublime museum a retrospective of Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe portraits and Campbell’s Soup Can paintings
  • an unexpected email from a new hire at a nonprofit client after my recently training her on some e-payment software, to thank me for my patience and time
  • {Go ahead, name your most recent favorite experience here.}

Just acknowledge the things I do as a favor to you, and thus your son; show that my patronage at your business is appreciated, in 2 words.

Excuse me, I have to write a LinkedIn thank you message to a colleague and friend who spent time to help me yesterday.

Thank you.