LI_palmofhandPut LinkedIn in your pocket, or better, in the palm of your hand.

Keep it current. The iPhone app is at version 8.8 right now. Last night I met someone using a 1-year old version.  Are you keeping up with the latest version?

You just never know when you need LinkedIn:

You just met a friend who said they had a job open. You immediately think of a colleague who would fill it well. Bonus for you, the colleague and the friend. Use LinkedIn to introduce one to the other right then and there. No waiting. No reminders needed. Efficient and powerful as an introduction tool, assuming each party has a great LinkedIn profile. Let’s hope so.

Good things can, and do happen. Quickly. 

You are early to an appointment and reading your mail. A great article appears that would mean a lot to so many of your LinkedIn connections. Place a comment on top of the URL to command attention and relay your reason for sharing it, and send an update to your connection community on LinkedIn. Do this as often as you have some thing worthy to share.

Spread quality material and you will be a more valued colleague.