This is a smart use of LinkedIn, as mentioned by a friend and colleague the other evening.

He has time before an appointment in a city he is flying to.

“Who do I know in {city} to ask to meet and spend some time over coffee/lunch/dinner?” he thought.

We know that LinkedIn is a giant database, right? Query that database and see who you know there from your connection list and decide who you could approach to meet with. How?

1) From the LinkedIn Help Center, (screen print left), a great resource which you should utilize, are complete instructions for parsing your connection list.















The results allow me to organize those connections in that location, alphabetically ordered.

Then I can decide which connection there is most appropriate or who can advise you as “eyes and ears on the ground” on the specific reason for your travel.

2) So, if I wanted to find all my connections in Omaha to contact there, this is how I start that searchomaha:

Geographic location is only one of the many search criteria. You can combine them too as in my example.

Most recently a friend’s daughter was relocating to San Francisco and I searched my colleagues by geography and title (lawyer, partner, attorney, law, etc. as search terms) to determine who could introduce her to law firms in the Bay Area since she is seeking that all-important first position in her career.

Use this tool, and you will quickly see its merits.