Yesterday I suggested you rewrite your LinkedIn profile.

Now what?student3

Well, before you decide you are done, and before you post the rewritten profile to LinkedIn, ask another person who can be very honest with you:

  • Does my draft LinkedIn profile truly reflect who I really am?
  • Does it tell why I do what I do?
  • And have I demonstrated how I do what I do?

You know how you want to come across but does your LinkedIn profile accomplish this?

An honest and critical assessment of what you wrote will pick up ways you can convey it even better.

I always suggest you write the profile draft in Word, and then you can show it to that person (or those people) who can truly help you see it in a better light.

Send it to someone who knows the job market, perhaps a bit older and more experienced.

Two or more rewrites may be in order.

Take the criticism in the spirit it is meant: to help you.

Offer to reciprocate the favor.