I met the daughter of a colleague the other evening. She is not like a many of the other newly-graduated Millennials I come across.

She impressed me in a number of ways.

  • bizcard1One was with her mature view on her job search: she knows it’s not going to be easy, but she knows what she wants.
  • Second: her easy and self-confident way of articulating what skills she already possesses and brings to the entry-level position in the nonprofit sector she seeks
  • Another: she adroitly asked me to network her to some of my nonprofit sector colleagues for informational  interviews
  • Really good: her shortened LinkedIn URL appears on her business card (even that she has a card is great!).
  • Better than really good: she has a well-executed and cogent LinkedIn personal profile.

I am impressed. I am referring her to the best of the best in my world. She deserves it.

Oh, BTW, is your shortened Linkedin URL on your bizcard?