I am getting this question a lot lately: “How much time do I need to spend on LinkedIn?”

“Well, how much time are you able to give it, and how long will you work on it to see results?” is my answer.

Everyone has different expectations, depending on the variables that comprise your profile and needs. Each person’s connection group is different.

But an investment in yourself, now, and especially in tweaking or renovating your LinkedIn profile, is worthwhile, and not once, but continually.

You have to start somewhere. If not now, when will your procrastination turn into action?

I liken this to the first time you sat down to Microsoft Word or Excel. You slaved over learning the basics, spent the massive time and effort upfront, only to receive the dividends you enjoy today: being able to whip out a document or spreadsheet quickly and efficiently. The early investment of time and exasperation delivered the speed and delivery you expect from the tool today.

With LinkedIn, delve into it now, invest and it shall deliver.

A tip: set a timer to manage your time spent, but do this religiously, daily, and start working from the top down. Slowly, deliberately and thoughtfully.

Feed the beast continually, control it and it will follow you: with reliability, rewarding your effort and patience. You may just see new business and collaboration opportunities. That’s dependent on your crafting a great profile and knowing how to use it.

Do it now.