As luck would have it, my brother-in-law just sat down next to me on the commuter train. He didn’t even notice it was me. Just an empty seat next to me. Pure chance.

So it is with LinkedIn. Once in a very long while, and for no real reason at all, someone notices you. You may never know why, in itself a missed opportunity. Don’t rely on these long and slim odds.  

Get out there and call visual and written attention to yourself on your LinkedIn profile and clearly articulate why you do what you do, to encourage more readers and collaborators. Appeal to them directly as a valuable connection. 

LinkedIn affords you many different opportunities to be found in a search, to share great material you come across, and to express your personal POV on any professional topic.

Use the tool well. Know how, or ask a LinkedIn expert for TLC.

Then you can look amazing-er, as I call it. 

No one woos a wallflower.