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Your past, present, future, as told by YOU on #LinkedIn

LI_in rearmirrorA well-developed LinkedIn profile allows you to express why you do what you do today, based on the skills and character you have developed in your past, and aim for the rosy optimism of what the future will bring you.

Slow down for a few minutes, or as long as it takes, and re-read your profile: does it tell us why you do what you do and how you do it?

No? Are you behind in telling your own story?

Better get busy, before someone interprets it for you. It’ll never be as good as what you can tell yourself…

Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Who do I know in…using #LinkedIn?

This is a smart use of LinkedIn, as mentioned by a friend and colleague the other evening.

He has time before an appointment in a city he is flying to.

“Who do I know in {city} to ask to meet and spend some time over coffee/lunch/dinner?” he thought.

We know that LinkedIn is a giant database, right? Query that database and see who you know there from your connection list and decide who you could approach to meet with. How?

1) From the LinkedIn Help Center, (screen print left), a great resource which you should utilize, are complete instructions for parsing your connection list.















The results allow me to organize those connections in that location, alphabetically ordered.

Then I can decide which connection there is most appropriate or who can advise you as “eyes and ears on the ground” on the specific reason for your travel.

2) So, if I wanted to find all my connections in Omaha to contact there, this is how I start that searchomaha:

Geographic location is only one of the many search criteria. You can combine them too as in my example.

Most recently a friend’s daughter was relocating to San Francisco and I searched my colleagues by geography and title (lawyer, partner, attorney, law, etc. as search terms) to determine who could introduce her to law firms in the Bay Area since she is seeking that all-important first position in her career.

Use this tool, and you will quickly see its merits.

Today's LinkedIn Nugget

I know you are out there. I can hear you reading!

I have been blogging on LinkedIn every business day since November 2013, 423 blog posts to be exact.

I just realized a few things when I responded to a questionnaire to offer to have my blog covered in a blog about blogs (really!).

I was asked for stats on engagement with my blog and I went into the back office of WordPress and found 2 good graphs.blogstats

I guess it’s easy to ignore analytics.

My blog readership is growing quite steadily.

And I do receive comments from time to time. I appreciate that!

So thanks to all of you reading my blog out there.

Here’s your chance to let me know what suggestions you have to make it better.  Are there any topics you want me to cover (LinkedIn-related, of course)?

Today's LinkedIn Nugget

I am late with this post, I admit!

But I had you on my mind all day!

I just finished working with a private client who seeks a CEO position. He is energized, dynamic and sharp. Just what you expect from a CEO-in-between-positions.

He is honest and has a great sense of humor despite challenges in his career.

startupofyouI recommended this book to you before, and I also suggested it to my client: The Start Up of You.

He is in permanent beta, always challenging himself to restart and retool.

I am now listening to the audio book version for the 7th or 8th time. It’s that good.  Get it from the library or buy it.

It’s rich in lessons to learn from and examples to emulate.

You will thank me.



Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Put the “social” in #LinkedIn as #socialmedia …

radioThe other evening I was listening to my car radio and heard the nationally-syndicated John Tesh Radio Show mention that people now use LinkedIn to check out the counterpart they will be dating, to check out the other’s career goals, and learn more from their profile.

Pretty smart.

But let’s make this information go a bit further, since this is after all, a LinkedIn ideas blog:

Three nuggets for you:

  • Be sure your profile is great too. It takes 2 to tango, as the saying goes. Chances are you are being pre-screened too…
  • Check out any person you are meeting professionally, or socially, before you the actual encounter. Think of the conversation possibilities when you learn more about them…
  • Read the other person’s LinkedIn profile before, or during, a phone call with him/her so you can have a better, more engaged conversation. Again, who knows where this might lead…

Social media for professionals, indeed.

Today's LinkedIn Nugget

#LinkedIn for #students (continued)

Yesterday I suggested you rewrite your LinkedIn profile.

Now what?student3

Well, before you decide you are done, and before you post the rewritten profile to LinkedIn, ask another person who can be very honest with you:

  • Does my draft LinkedIn profile truly reflect who I really am?
  • Does it tell why I do what I do?
  • And have I demonstrated how I do what I do?

You know how you want to come across but does your LinkedIn profile accomplish this?

An honest and critical assessment of what you wrote will pick up ways you can convey it even better.

I always suggest you write the profile draft in Word, and then you can show it to that person (or those people) who can truly help you see it in a better light.

Send it to someone who knows the job market, perhaps a bit older and more experienced.

Two or more rewrites may be in order.

Take the criticism in the spirit it is meant: to help you.

Offer to reciprocate the favor.

Today's LinkedIn Nugget

School’s out-now what? Turn your sights to #LinkedIn

studentOK, we all know a college student or someone who supports one, whose home is a way station until next fall. Yes, they’re back…Send them this.

College students (and recent grads): revamp your LinkedIn profile.

Take a hard look at your resume. Now place it in a drawer. Rewrite your LinkedIn profile to answer 2 questions that address your career aspirations:

  • Why do you do what you do?
  • How do you do what you do?

Your resume does not answer those well.

Go further.

Make your LinkedIn profile complement your resume.

Now answer the above questions thoughtfully and from the perspective of an older hiring manager reviewing your profile against hundred of other competitors’ profiles to make them want to call you in for an interview.

Make them need to know more. Make yourself more marketable.

Have a look at this LinkedIn page specially designed for students of all ages, from high school. Yes, your career story starts early. That website is rather job-oriented but the tips on writing a great profile are universal.

Do it now.

student2Write it and let it “cool.”

Then tweak and edit a lot.

You have the summer to do this.

Don’t delay. In September you will have other things on your mind.


Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Impressed by a Millennial

I met the daughter of a colleague the other evening. She is not like a many of the other newly-graduated Millennials I come across.

She impressed me in a number of ways.

  • bizcard1One was with her mature view on her job search: she knows it’s not going to be easy, but she knows what she wants.
  • Second: her easy and self-confident way of articulating what skills she already possesses and brings to the entry-level position in the nonprofit sector she seeks
  • Another: she adroitly asked me to network her to some of my nonprofit sector colleagues for informational  interviews
  • Really good: her shortened LinkedIn URL appears on her business card (even that she has a card is great!).
  • Better than really good: she has a well-executed and cogent LinkedIn personal profile.

I am impressed. I am referring her to the best of the best in my world. She deserves it.

Oh, BTW, is your shortened Linkedin URL on your bizcard?

Today's LinkedIn Nugget and #LinkedIn

lynda_frontpageOnline learning just got a whole lot more interesting.

LinkedIn recently purchased

It’s been integrated just like when LinkedIn absorbed SlideShare.


lynda siginYou can sign on to using your LinkedIn profile credentials.

It’s ok; that’s safe.

Or set up a new account name and PW.

You can sign up for classes for free for 21 days…

lynda …then it’ll cost you.

So if you have ever wanted to learn to code, write, take an art or photography lesson, or virtually anything else at all, you can now get easy and free (temporarily) access to some really great knowledge.

It’s a gift.

Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Timing, timers and time

I am getting this question a lot lately: “How much time do I need to spend on LinkedIn?”

“Well, how much time are you able to give it, and how long will you work on it to see results?” is my answer.

Everyone has different expectations, depending on the variables that comprise your profile and needs. Each person’s connection group is different.

But an investment in yourself, now, and especially in tweaking or renovating your LinkedIn profile, is worthwhile, and not once, but continually.

You have to start somewhere. If not now, when will your procrastination turn into action?

I liken this to the first time you sat down to Microsoft Word or Excel. You slaved over learning the basics, spent the massive time and effort upfront, only to receive the dividends you enjoy today: being able to whip out a document or spreadsheet quickly and efficiently. The early investment of time and exasperation delivered the speed and delivery you expect from the tool today.

With LinkedIn, delve into it now, invest and it shall deliver.

A tip: set a timer to manage your time spent, but do this religiously, daily, and start working from the top down. Slowly, deliberately and thoughtfully.

Feed the beast continually, control it and it will follow you: with reliability, rewarding your effort and patience. You may just see new business and collaboration opportunities. That’s dependent on your crafting a great profile and knowing how to use it.

Do it now.