hillaryclintononlinkedinI critiqued Hillary Clinton’s LinkedIn presence (or lack thereof) a few weeks ago.

Hillary Clinton’s brand new profile is up.

It even has some subtle humor. I guffawed when I read it here.

Nice job, campaign social media staff.

You created a shortened LinkedIn URL.

You hit some good points in the videos, her short but effective Summary (with SEO keywords), references to her books and the breadth of her former employment.

You added the logos of her former employers in the Experience section.

A few sentences highlighting accomplishments for each career position would have been better, but I get it–let her persona speak for itself.

The Board seat at the Clinton Foundation is better placed under Volunteer Experiences, but I will let that slide, lest I be accused of being a nit-picker.

Best of all, bravo for a long-form Post entitled “4 Ways to Jump-Start Small Business.”

Now the challenge: keep adding to the conversation. Keep making a point of addressing the business professional community whose currency and collaboration is enriched by LinkedIn.

Do pay attention to this constituency.

And don’t forget to update. Frequently.