Continuing the LinkedIn and CEO theme throughout this week:

CassistanceEOs, no matter how you define your community (your firm, your connections, the business community as a whole, nonprofits, etc.), you can easily reward others with the benefit of your vision and practice.

Right from your LinkedIn screen.

Let’s examine a few ways:

  1. Reward the firm: place press releases and other material that others really want to read on your company’s LinkedIn profile page. Be selective; LinkedIn is the global professional stage for business connectivity so the updates should be universally interesting and informative to other business pros. Think global too. The more good words you spread about your firm on your company LinkedIn profile page, the more others will follow the firm, refer it to others and include it in potential business connections. Remember: you want to blip on the most mental radar screens possible for all the quality reasons your leadership conveys.
  2. Reward your connections: copy/paste URLs of articles and other online material you read and appreciate and add an introductory comment to them, then share: with your LinkedIn connections, your LinkedIn special interest groups, your selected colleague(s), your Twitter followers, and/or whomever will remember you and appreciate your thinking of them for the reason you sent that article. There is no magic number of times per day/week/month to share material. Make this effort a random act of business kindness. Keep sharing great material.
  3. Reward the LinkedIn business community as a whole: the 364+ million readers of LinkedIn Posts await your professional point of view, either on your area of expertise or via a personal observation of something in everyday CEO life. Think of this as the Features section of the newspaper, a place where human interest stories we can all use will appear. It grows your influence and it’s a noble act for the CEO to share his/her POV.
  4. Reward a nonprofit: you likely have your favorite cause(s) that you benefit either by financial or a time commitment. Step it up and becoming more active: there’s a global electronic database on LinkedIn of all open board positions that anyone can tailor to their specific interest, location, etc. The same applies for pro bono assistance to a nonprofit of your area of expertise that will help them improve their mission, both brought to you by the good folks at LinkedIn For Good. To find open board positions and pro bono matched to your skillset/interests, see Seek and ye shall find. Enrich humanity with your experience.

Ok, CEO’s start your LinkedIn engines.

The goal is in sight: new opportunities that you can avail yourself and simultaneously increase the prestige of your company. Spread the wealth of wisdom as CEO to others and make your network your net worth.

Oh yeah, ask others in your firm to do the same as you are doing.