I placed an article I read in a LinkedIn update on my profile. I liked the ideas put forth in the article and thought it would be helpful to others.

One person thanked me for doing that. That validates that I helped someone via this one deed. One point for Gryffindor.

It’s a good idea to update as frequently as you are comfortable or find share-able material just to “ping” on your connections’ radar screens. “Oh yeah-great post, that reminds me I have to get a hold of Marc for a business connection I want to make!” is what I want them to think. 

TMISomeone unintentionally asked me to help her with some personal LinkedIn issues via a response to my posting the article.

Since we are already connected, that would better placed in a direct LinkedIn message to me, easily sent by clicking my name to find my profile on LinkedIn.

Unfortunately her message was too visible to too many people.

At least until I removed it from the conversation surrounding that article.

Be careful what you say and where you place it on LinkedIn, please.