dontI have always advise my clients: don’t list your birthdate and marital status on LinkedIn.

Two reasons immediately come to mind:

  1. Does anyone really care, or said a different way, do you need the birthday wishes of your friends and colleagues to muddy up your brand on LinkedIn? Does anyone really decide you are a great business connection based on the facts of your birthdate and marital status? I doubt it.
  2. Why give away more pieces of personal data in a world where identity theft is rampant? Take this from someone whose identity has been stolen. I always have been really careful with what I place online! Don’t tempt fate, please.

OK I know some of you will disagree. Ultimately what you put on your Linkedin profile is your decision and you may brand yourself any way you think is appropriate.

To be fair, the only time I ever advised a client that marital status was appropriate on LinkedIn was that of “divorced” on the profile of a marital mediator/attorney. She knows well what her clients are going through. She should show that as part of her business brand.

For the rest of you, don’t do this please.