snake oilI just got an offer to sign up for a cheatsheet for one of my favorite topics.

Oh goodie! An easy way to do something complex and thought-consuming, in 3 seconds or less? Let’s see it..

It took longer to register online, receive it and download it than to actually read it.

Oh, did I mention it was free?

That’s about all it was worth. Tired, same old, well documented ideas. New hacks are worth their weight, or price in this case. It reminds me of a blog post I wrote almost a year ago.

There is no quick way to master social media; I think it’s best to be steady and deliberate. There’s very little room for jump-right-in-easy-shortcuts when you are branding yourself.

You must work to achieve. Like a hot stock tip, probably worthless and already old news, quick shortcuts on social media do not make for a better brand.

Time is precious, yes, but used well, as an investment in yourself, will pay off. Invest wisely.