fiorinahuckabeecarsonTo be honest, when I awoke during the wee morning hours and heard on TV that all three would announce their presidential candidacies early this week, I panicked a bit.

How to write all three assessments before the opening of the business day?

I fell back to sleep, fairly confident that at least one would not have a LinkedIn profile. Good bet on my part–two do not.

One left to evaluate.

Carly Fiorina, former chief exec at HP, has a LinkedIn profile but it’s barebones, except the solitary brief explanation of her work experience at HP (one stat mentioned, as if she did a great job there)–remember? She was booted out by the board with much publicity. In her career she rose meteorically, and fell as quickly.

Her headline and summary, frozen in time, shows she still is a candidate for Senate:

…I’m running for the Senate because we can do better.

Carly-a trite, nominal start. Now, tell us why you do what you do, your vision as a presidential candidate.

fiorinaLISmall headshot on LinkedIn too (see left). Like she’s peering through a small window. Perhaps that’s a metaphor?


So now to Huckabee and Carson, because they deserve some blog space.

Mike Huckabee is in and out of the public eye and ear. Former governor of the great state of Arkansas, political talking head on TV, etc. with some astonishing verbal moral comparisons on record; I’m not going there. Mike, zero presence on LinkedIn–now is a good time to get back on record and on topic via the businessperson’s radar screen, on LinkedIn. Talk to the biz community.

Dr. Ben Carson, an accomplished pediatric neurosurgeon, understands how the brain works and how to fix it when faulty. But can he apply that knowhow to the minds on Capitol Hill and to world leaders? To corporate exec and business owners? Doc, not without the PR on LinkedIn a surgeon who has never been elected to public office needs to convince the biz community.

For all three, well-executed profiles would be a start.

photos: combined from their Twitter pages