LI_patentsMy son-in-law is named as an inventor on a provisional patent.

I think that’s amazing. And blog-worthy!

Please don’t ask me to explain the patent–at the very start of it, I get confused. It’s rocket science to me. Really-it’s about rockets and space material technology.

Here’s the abstract:

A structural spacecraft component comprising internal microstructure; wherein said microstructure comprises a plurality of parallel layers and a plurality of spacers that connect adjacent parallel layers; wherein said structural spacecraft component is a product of an additive manufacturing process.


I immediately called him once I heard the news and after heartily congratulating him, I did the sage-old-father-in-law-LinkedIn-evangelist-thing and suggested he place this news in the Patent section on his LinkedIn profile.

Which he will do today, I am sure.

That got me thinking: of the 2600+ people I am connected to, how many claim a patent to their name?


Ok, 3.

I looked up the key word “patent” in the advanced search.

If you have failed to mention your patent, even if it is in application phase, please do so in the Patents section of your LinkedIn profile and further mention it in your Experience or Summary sections to be found more easily…

It puts you in a separate class among your peers.

Use all the other sections in your LinkedIn profile to step out from the crowd while you are at it.