helpcenterSure. I can tell you how to do nearly anything on LinkedIn that it is designed to do. And I am pleased to be thought of as the answerer.

But if I merely tell you what steps to take, you don’t learn much from it.

So when I get questions like that, picking my brain (see last week’s lament in this blog), I respond with a URL and introduce you to a new friend, the LinkedIn Help Center, which you can, and should, use to find the answers yourself. And now you no longer need to wait for me to reply.

Please use the Help Center body of knowledge. It’s quite robust and easy to follow the steps.

Does this mean my expertise is no longer needed? Hope not.

The Help Center tells you what to do. Do this then that. Not very high level thought.

I teach you how to best use your new-found LinkedIn knowledge and why convert it wisely to achieve the desired outcome. How and why always allow higher level thought and strategy.

Do keep your strategy questions coming….