progressIt’s a funny time right now as a LinkedIn trainer.

Some of you still have the older version of LinkedIn and others have the newest version. It’s a challenge to teach to 2 versions of LinkedIn at any one time. This situation came up once again in a webinar I gave yesterday.

To demonstrate some of the functions of LinkedIn, I use slides that show the step-by-step process to accomplish a particular goal.

In this case, it was how to see if your recent update was shared, liked or commented upon. Using these analytics, you can learn how to adapt what you say to attract the most eyes and comments. I showed a slide with step-by-step from the older version.

Spoiler alert: as I was about to find out, you used to be able to do that….

At the end of the webinar an attendee asked how to do this as she could not find these steps on her version of LinkedIn. I took a minute at the end of the webinar to try to answer her and using my version, indeed it was not there.

I promised to answer the question in the second part of the webinar next week.

The webinar ended and I got busy.

I looked in the Help Center and sought the answer. No success.

I sent a Customer Support request and in less than 2 hours I received an answer: in the new version of LinkedIn the analytics function for your shares is no longer supported.

Gone. Poof.

Darn! I used to like to show that to help my clients and trainees.

I guess that LinkedIn progress is good, but our progressing by learning with analytic tools that track our actions is better than good. It’s how we excel.