When you think about it, LinkedIn is a very green earth-friendly product.

It saves carbon emissions by allowing us to meet, engage and develop lifelong business partnerships globally earthover the internet.

It reduces waste by allowing us to retain valuable educational material in LinkedIn now and review it at a later time, without paper or files.

Finally, it requires no physical storage on your part nor does it creates runoff  (ok, except word games that appear from time to time) or harmful gases (yes, there is an occasional unwarranted political or religious comment that has no place in a professional forum); in sum, very very little to prevent us from enjoying the business environment we have with each other, so worthy of preserving.

Seems far-fetched? Well, not exactly, when you recall what life was life before the advent of online information and social media.

We may be in as good a place now as we ever will be. We are ever more aware of the need to pay careful attention to climate change.

So, seize the moment and optimize your relationships now and tell others “why you do what you do” for future mutual benefit.