DroneMedium_NoFlyZoneBuzz. {What the heck?}

The sound of a drone overhead. The first one I ever saw was last summer at an outdoor concert venue’s grand reopening, as it took photos of the attendees from high above.

But the best view of that evening would have been the happiness and enjoyment on the actual faces of the listeners. A closeup, not a drone-eye view.

Buzz. Grrr. The sound of static we learn to ignore until a noise gets so annoying we switch the source off. It requires a lot of hard work to make the staccato sound symphonic.

Buzz. Yawn. That’s the sound, look and feel of 30 salespeople’s LinkedIn profiles. I will be teaching at an insurance company this coming week at their national sales conference. Only one profile is well-developed. Seven seem to be absent completely from setting up even the rudiments of a LinkedIn profile. I am glad they hired me to teach. I now see why.

I am being honest, not judgemental. My goal: energize at least 29 of them to jump into their LinkedIn profile and renovate it. Once educated, I hope they carry through frequently.

You should too; take LinkedIn personas from the buzzing static drone sounds to a convincing, powerful harmonious closeup of “why you do what you do” and “why hire the firm,” once we believe in you, the individual.

Are you ready for your closeup? Not a drone’s eye view.

photo from http://aerialservicesinc.com/2014/12/nas_integration_plan/