pathA path is worn in the area of most traffic volume. Consistent direction and delivery.

One random trip through does not make a path. It takes dozens, scores, perhaps hundreds of passes to create a visible direction.

So is the case with how any person, or company, or nonprofit needs to use social media, LinkedIn included, to have an well-defined direct effect.

A consistent voice and image will be heard above the noise. That’s the brand of “you,” singular or plural.

If the brand is unclear, the path is not revisited. In fact with today’s attention-deficit reader, confuse fail to impress him/her, and he/she will never come back, much like the aversion we have to static, robocalls, email spam or junk mail. We remember the nuisances but for the wrong reason.

You want to be conveniently and reliably memorable and referable.

So nonprofiteers (and those who support them) please tune in for my 2-part free webinar sponsored by Cornerstone on Demand Foundation upcoming on the next 2 Thursdays 4/23 and 4/30 when I tread down the path once again of how nonprofiteers (“you” singular) and their organization (“you” plural) need to brand properly and consistently on LinkedIn.

With my LinkedIn map, you can be conveniently and reliably memorable and referable.