I saw this on a door of a school:

free knowledge

Should knowledge be free to the recipient? Is this a form of BYOB?

It made me re-think what this blog , my LinkedIn Posts, my recorded course, and/or my public and private trainings and webinars are worth in monetary terms, and what the attendees take away from the session.

Some get more from my work than others. That depends on what they bring to the proverbial table.

Recently I gave a session to a private firm in which one woman was being tormented just by attending (she actually told me so in the middle of my talk!). Ok, not a good sign, but I took solace in the fact that the rest in the room were slurping up what I was telling them and worked hard to use my ideas.

Some attendees are kind enough to express appreciation and inspiration.

Some report back to me levels of success.

I am in this game to be compensated, yes, as my “secret sauce” has a certain value in and of itself, if I may say so.

But I also get “psychic compensation” (as my colleague Fred Klein calls it), from those who learn something, go further to implement it, and appreciate it.

So, reader, listener, attendee, student, client:

Bring your open mind to any of my sessions. It is an amazing receptacle waiting to be further filled. And use it!

Make free knowledge more valuable to yourself and others.