multipreneurshipJuggling 2 or more businesses at a time? LinkedIn, when used properly, can show concurrent business interests when you show the connection points between/among the businesses.

It is very common for me to meet people who have multiple areas of business expertise and run different businesses at the same time.

You are not alone. However, you will be very lonely when you make the reader connect the dots.

So first off, I strongly suggest you write your LinkedIn Summary and Experience sections demonstrating high expertise and strong commitment to the various positions/ownerships you hold.

Use your voice to demonstrate your business interests, and attach videos, podcasts, slide decks, and of course, external recommendations, to your LinkedIn Summary and/or Experience sections.  Also, add published pieces of writing on the subjects your businesses offer, demonstrating thought leadership among peers.

Show why you do each thing that you do.

These multiple business interests are not always connected, or in the same or associated industries. Most importantly, you just have to make it very clear to the casual reader what the common denominator is. In our attention-deficit world, don’t make him/her think too hard.

In my case, running an electronic payments business and a LinkedIn coaching business, the common denominator is my client-centric approach to all that I do. I am told that this resonates with readers of my profile and knits everything together.

I had a client whose makeup and hairstyling business complimented her artsy business designing cards and framable handdrawn prints; the common denominator: nonverbal, pleasing communication of image and brand. We developed this in my coaching sessions with her and she felt this demonstrated the intertwining of her business interests very well.

You can do this too.

It just takes some honest thinking out of the box and direct expression of branding yourself.