randpaulIt’s not a coincidence that Rand Paul, who tosses his hat into the ring today as the latest Republican presidential nominee, has 2 twitter handles, one as an individual under his name, and one as a doctor.

And that’s again borne out when you look at this ophthalmologist’s LinkedIn profile, you will plainly see his astigmatic focus on being an opthamologist and reluctantly(?) a politician. Myopic is another word that comes to mind.

Corrective lenses doesn’t make it look better. I tried.

That’s how you brand a presidential hopeful to the global business community? Hmmm. Really?

Moving along, his Experience section as a US Senator reads:

Dr. Paul has been married to his loving wife, Kelley, for 19 years and has three boys. Rand Paul is a career doctor, not a politician. His entrance into politics is indicative of his life’s work: a desire to diagnose problems, and provide practical solutions.

Mom and kids and apple pie. I can’t argue with that. For to do so is un-American!

Except that’s a strange way to self-diagnose, or brand oneself as a US Senator from the great state of Kentucky or a Presidential hopeful (or perhaps an amazingly clever contrarian one?)

Does it impress the reader with Paul’s understanding of the regular American man and woman? Does it show his value proposition, as LinkedIn allows a well-written profile to do?

To be honest I think most any other business-savvy ophthalmologist’s LinkedIn profile (read: branding of his/her practice) is better than Rand Paul’s.

And I would not vote for an opthamologist into any political office anyhow. They should adjust the vision of others, not their viewpoints. And without having the disadvantage of a name brand father to dilate his/her message from.

And one VERY large point taken away from Gryffindor for Rand Paul joining the Ron Paul Campaign for Freedom LinkedIn group. I feel more than a bit left out to be able to freely join this group: it is a closed LinkedIn group and needs the approval by the manager for me to join. What’s with that? Talk about unfair, using the name of freedom in the title of a closed group!

The grassy-rootsy-feeling to the LinkedIn profile the office intern wrote (and not so well) on Paul’s LinkedIn profile won’t likely remain as part of Rand Paul’s new and improved brand for long (if you folks in the campaign HQ  are reading) as we approach the upcoming nomination, or elections, if he gets that far.

Now’s the time, Rand campaign handlers, to focus and get the sleepers out of your collective eyes, to newly improve Rand Paul’s LinkedIn profile and tell us “why him.”

Optics, folks.