Happy Easter and Passover. This weekend is the beginning of a regeneration cycle in many ways.

Example: spring cleaning.

As you think beyond the day-to-day challenges of work and personal/family life, take a few minutes and read your LinkedIn profile, like your 1st, 2nd and 3rd levels connections see you.  First, look at your profiles on LinkedIn. You will see profiles of yourself that are different in some obvious and some subtle ways from what you see on your Profile tab:

Go to your Profile page and click the blue “View profile as” button.


Then at the top of the next screen you will see a dropdown box that allows you to see your private profile (1st level connections) or your public profile (2nd and 3rd level connections).


Ask yourself: Am I coming across as a great colleague and prospective business partner?

If so, keep tweaking it as needed.

If not, work hard on it, and renovate it down to the wall studs, as needed.

Think: spring cleaning.