questionAs mentioned, last week I spoke at the NY State Bar Association.

The Q&A at the end focussed on those baffling things about LinkedIn that everyone seems to want to know about but you are unsure where to find the solution.

So to my fellow panelists, I admit these questions made me dominate that part of the session. You were most gracious about it.

Because we can do it now, with new online technologies, and mostly because you seem to want it, I will soon start a series of weekly short virtual drop-ins for specific questions you may have.

Using Google Hangout, you can jump on and either listen to others’ questions or verbally ask a specific “How the heck do you do {…} on LinkedIn?” I will share my screen so you can see how you do that {…}.

You will need a digital camera and mike on your computer to participate, or you can use your smartphone or tablet.

This is a great opportunity for you to get unstuck or listen in as someone else asks a question you have/had but never was answered for you.

No charge. Each hangout will last 15-20 minutes.It will be a comfortable forum, and a great way to connect to collaborate with others.  Stay tuned for an announcement of the first of the series.

Mind you, I am not going to give away my “secret sauce.” It’s too valuable.

In exchange, just refer me to those who need more in-depth LinkedIn group training or personal LinkedIn coaching, beyond a speedy session of 15 minutes once a week (is that you and/or your company/firm/nonprofit?). Thanks.