charlimitsI find I get this question a lot and it requires a bit of digging to answer, so I will post it for posterity and them I too can refer back to it!

What limits does LinkedIn place on the number of characters in certain sections?

Here you go, from an answer to a LinkedIn Help Desk question in June 2014 and it should be correct now, unless they changed something I am not aware of (which can always happen!)

  • Personal one-to-one messages: 7000 characters
  • Invitations with email address: 2000 characters
  • Invitations without email address: 300 characters
  • Group posts: 2000 characters

and of course, the most challenging:

  • Headline on your personal profile page: 120 characters

Those are just a few of them. All of the above include  s p a c e s!

Hope this helps.