thumbsup2More on the theme of using LinkedIn in the job search.

This one is simple and obvious (to me) but rarely utilized.


What do you do when:

  • Someone calls you about a job (either pre-scheduled or out of the blue)
  • Someone refers a job to you via the networking you work so hard to nurture
  • Someone phone interviews you
  • You get a list of people you will meet at your in-office interview
  • You attend a job fair and zero in on a few companies and their representatives there

Well, you open and review their LinkedIn profile, thoroughly, and look for common threads: same schools, friends in common, interests you share, you have material to strike a meaningful conversation, or–horrors–you recognize them from their headshot in case you meet them out of context. On your desktop or your mobile device.

Common threads make you much more memorable if you use the cues correctly.

Hopefully they have reviewed you too on Linkedin, leading to a more powerful and meaningful interview and conversation.