careerLife is full of coincidences.

This week it seems I am speaking, teaching and coaching mostly to the under-employed/under-utilized/neophytes:

  • those between positions,
  • those frustrated in their existing position and want more,
  • a group of women who need a perspective from a panel I put together of  colleagues I selected in job seeking and networking/interviewing skills, and
  • coaching a very talented exec who is burning out in his very stressful position and wants to move up and out to another corporate function
  • finishing up a 4-session series coaching a serial entrepreneur who has definite things to say in a fractured industry he is targeting
  • ok and this is stretching it a bit, a TED-type talk to a bar association group of smaller law firm attorneys who seek more from using LinkedIn (they don’t teach this stuff in law school)

So the theme of all my blog posts over the next days will be career-building using LinkedIn.

Here are 2 often unnoticed LinkedIn tips to think about:

  1. If you can do this without getting the head of HR in your office, add “seeking challenging new position” (or similar) to the end of your LinkedIn headline.
  2. If this will sound alarms, quietly send personal LinkedIn messages to let your core entourage of confidantes in your career and business circles know you are looking. Repeat in various ways to “blip” on their memory radar screen and better remember you, such as sharing an article you read and reminding them of your earlier message.

More coming.