tedcruz_LINews flash. Ted Cruz just became the first of many expected to running for the Republicans’ presidential nominee.

I don’t know much about him beyond what I read in the press. I was curious to know what he represents, stands for, his education, his professional background, his interests, his qualifications in his own words, not that of the press,.  There must be more…So where do I turn? LinkedIn, of course.

First impression: his LinkedIn profile is well…boring.

Worse, it is outdated, ending in 2013 with his most recent candidacy as Texas Senator. An oversight?

To the handlers, please update his LinkedIn profile.

Make him look more vibrant and contemporary, please.

It’s just good form, and branding Senator Cruz should be your most vigorous and important effort right now. 

Some suggested improvements?

Overall, tell us more in his LinkedIn profile because business and professional viewers want to know from his perspective:

  • what he stands for,
  • why he does what he does,
  • how he does what he does,
  • why he is passionate about change in our country enough to endure grueling months (and if he wins, years) in the spotlight, moreso than he already has,
  • and this is really important: why him?

Make his case before 347 million readers. And keep it current, feeding fresh material into his LinkedIn profile over time. But keep it professional.

Specifically, a few more ideas:

  1. His Summary of his lifetime of achievement is 5 lines-is there more to say?
  2. His Experience reads like a resume, ho hum. What were his accomplishments?
  3. Which Twitter handle are you using @tedcruz or @sentedcruz?
  4. Offer his LinkedIn profile in Spanish too.
  5. Oh and guys, one of the website links is broken. You’ll want to fix that too.

So, Senator Cruz (and entourage): my strong suggestion is that it’s time to upscale your use of social media, especially LinkedIn.

There’s much more you can do. Contact me for a professional renovation.



Marc W. Halpert

LinkedIn personal coach, group trainer, marketing strategist and overall evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate better!

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