flyI always worry about negativity seeping into my blog posts. Sometimes the best teacher was the harshest, but no one likes going through the admonishment.

So lightening it up on a Friday, I thought I would repurpose my recent LinkedIn Post, a case study of how a nonprofit smartly used LinkedIn to attract volunteers. Hey–don’t stop reading now, as the lessons the nonprofit learned about being attractive are still useful to you as a businessperson in a for-profit environment too!

I used to have a Brazilian colleague who would say “Fly with me” when he had an idea he wanted to run past me, even if it seemed too out-there.

So, let’s fly together on this. As you read the Post, think beyond the obvious:

  1. How can I and my company appear more approachable, more real, more human on LinkedIn to a casual reader?
  2. What change in wording, tone, cooperative feeling can I/we portray in the brand I/we promote on LinkedIn?
  3. How can we attract new and fresh talent to our growth and competitive position using LinkedIn?

Here’s the Post. Comments welcome. Share it too.

And a big thank you to Shannon Cobb at United Way of Westchester  and Putnam!