Update 06Mar15: That setting doesn’t work and Linkedin engineering is addressing it. More hide and seek…

In their ever-developing search for the perfect Home page, LinkedIn popped the newest version yesterday. Don’t worry it just looks different graphically.

You’ll see and adapt to the improvements quickly but, in the usual manner, it led a change in the Home page settings and to the usual query: “Hey, where did {insert the function} go?

So my very good colleague/LinkedIn ninja/friend Paul asked me, “Hey where did {“I don’t want to see my connections’ new connections” setting} go?”

He correctly looked in his Privacy and Settings page, and so did I, and there seemed to be no solution.

So I did what I needed to do for the both of us: I asked LinkedIn Help Desk. Within exactly 5 hours, they replied. Now we both, and you, know. I guess the settings page changed after the Home page did…

Thanks Paul.


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