quartersMy father used to call them “25-cent words.” Words that seem like you bought them, rather than know how to use them.

Yes, we have access to an online thesaurus on Word and on the internet.  You can always find a fancy word, too easily.

I suggest you resist that.

Use natural business language.

Do not speak down to the reader (“insulting! click, goodbye”) or confound the reader (“huh? click, goodbye”).

Some ideas:

  • Use some of these power verbs instead of simple verbs like “make” and “do.”
  • Avoid jargon that is common in your industry but not necessarily recognizable by all readers.
  • If you must use acronyms, explain them. Give us context, please.
  • Check spelling!
  • Check it again.
  • If needed, ask for help with grammar.
  • Remember Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style? It’s still selling!
  • Re-read the material for flow.

In other words, be yourself. Write like a human speaking to other humans, not like a machine.

Of course, you are telling others why, and how, you do what you do. Right?