Today's LinkedIn Nugget

#LinkedIn spammers take notice

We professionals should not tolerate spam on LinkedIn.

And cnospam‘mon, spammer, do you think you gain respect this way?

Will someone buy your amazing service or product with a single solicitation, or worse, the same one over and over?


A colleague emailed me the other day:

FYI.  See below.  You should know that this is total spam.  I never met this guy and he writes to me as if I’m his friend…

Funny, I got the same message via LinkedIn too. I’ll bet so did thousands, if not millions, of you too.

My response to my colleague:

There’s a lot of this going around. Either a direct email to you as an ad, which this clearly is, or InMails from strangers selling you something, or worse, a message from someone in a LinkedIn group with you, selling something that has nothing to do with the group.

The world has some “operators.” Not enough nice guys…

And one thing I would add in hindsight: if you get spam from a LinkedIn group you are in, contact the group manager and complain. Let him or her know that they are not monitoring the group as they should.

I just did. And I have a number of fellow group members who have liked or commented their agreement.

You have a voice. Use it.