This week we continue to go over the downward pointing arrows only you see on your profile page. This is the final installment.

profilesdownwardarrowThese functions are all too well hidden, IMHO, unless you know where to find them, yet these 6 functions can be used effectively.

Unfortunately the downward-pointing arrow on your profile is completely hidden behind the dropdown table and would normally be seen to the right of the edit button. You’ll see it when you go to your profile. When you click that downward-pointing arrow, you get these choices. Let’s take one at a time this week, day-by-day.

I will skip Share Profile and Save to PDF, which I covered earlier in last week’s blog postings of  December 15 and 16.

Manage Public Profile Settings

Rempublicprofilesettingsember you have 2 personal profiles on LinkedIn: your public profile and your private.

Public with everyone who happens to click on your profile; private to those you have agreed to connect with.

We are speaking about the public one here.

You can, or can decide to cherry-pick, all or some of the items on your public profile from the box to the left.

My philosophy is that I have little to hide on the public profile as much about me is already on the internet, by design.

I do run into people who are sensitive about past positions or education and they consciously leave this information off their public profile. That’s their particular choice. Just so you know you can pick and choose, that’s my aim.

Word to the wise: don’t be so paranoid as to eliminate too many options int his box, then you will look like you are hiding something or too restricted and in our attention-deficit world, the reader skips over you and goes on to the competitor. Think carefully about the choices you have.

Ok. That’s 12 places you may not have ever known existed on LinkedIn. Power on. Use it well.