Note: You may not have noticed, but LinkedIn is changing the way you do things.

The “good stuff,” as I like to call it, is getting harder to find, but I will show you where to look in the next few blog posts.

downarrow_LinkedInRight next to the “send a message” bar on any connection’s personal profile page, you will see an adjacent button with a downward pointing arrow.

Click that and a dropdown box with some powerful functionality appears.

All this week, I will review them one by  go one by one to make you more comfortable using these shortcuts:

Remove connection:

Relations change.

You connect with people with good intentions and they do not pan out. Or you made an error and should never have connected in the first place. Or they become a competitor in some way. And finally, they let you down and it’s time to move away from them.

I always suggest you cull through your connections as each of them have access to your entire profile and your own connections and that’s not advisable some times. So be critical and careful in who you remain connected with.

So use “Remove connections” and sever.  They will NOT receive any outright notification from LinkedIn of the action you took.

They WILL see “2nd” next to your name the next time they see your profile, showing that the 1st level connection has been released.

You can always add them back…