timingI will start by admitting that my perceived timing to do things and yours will be different, sometimes.

What I want to offer, in my mind, can be so blindingly obvious and urgently needed, at least to me, yet the intended audience is not always in tune with my sense of urgency.

Yup, that frustrates me.  But I am learning to take it in stride; painful medicine for this optimist.

Two situations converged recently, and those of you who know me will hopefully recognize that my intentions are completely honorable and sincere, yet I am amazed that the entire world (ok, my teeny part of it!) has not recognized their pain/need, my resolution, and signed along to join me in the exploration.

In the first case, a live LinkedIn deep dive course I am offering: after many requests, those who requested the course, save 1, have not registered. One woman suggested the time of day was wrong. Another guy told me I charged too much. The rest of the time travelers need to come along soon or I will be forced to abort the mission: not a threat, but a fact of economics. I am not ashamed to say I tried and offered it and they did not come. Or perhaps they will at the last minute…or perhaps I need to offer it again another time…

The second case is a networking group of social media experts I am trying to get off the ground.  Those who originally loved the idea drank at the well once, but haven’t committed by joining the group. Those who came later, after much marketing, don’t want to join due to the group’s small size. A conundrum: the group size is small and no one wants to join because the size is small.

Ahead of my time? Off in my timing?

I have been told that once or twice in my career but I think it’s the combined paralysis of faith and spending as consumers. And especially convenient-to-everyone timing. And it’s late in the calendar year. And {insert your reason}.

Yet I will persevere. In my own time warp.

No real LinkedIn moral to the fable. This time.