cybermondayTake something generic, brand it or use an intriguing adjective (artisan bread, e.g) and suddenly it’s cool.

Past cool. It’s quotable and hashtag-able or at the minimum, tweetable.

Even name of days have been branded: Cyber Monday, Fat Tuesday, Hump Day, Throwback Thursday, Black Friday, oy there are so many more!

With the right marketingspeak, commonplace becomes something more.

Take a look at yourself. Really evaluate your brand.  Especially, read your LinkedIn profile from a 30,000 foot level. C’mon, be realistic.

You look boring, huh? Fix that. Make generic look actionable. Make standard look remarkable.

We do buy the book by its cover these days. Or at least give it more than a nanosecond of consideration.

Yes, I am on that soapbox again.